Business Technology Services

Your Network is Your Business

Your network's welfare should be the responsibility of a professional. Someone that does networking for a living. Maine Total Technology does networking! Local area networks, wide area networks, peer to peer networks, large or small, Maine Total Technology does networking. We provide our clients with extremely stable and dependable networks. Whether you are starting a new network from scratch, migrating from an older technology network or have an existing network that may not be performing as you think it should, Maine Total Technology can provide the resources to ensure the best possible network for your business. We provide a wide range of network planning installation and support services. Remember, your network is your business!

We can evaluate your needs and design the right network for your organization. Whether it's a large multi location Wide Area Network (WAN), a small to medium single site Local Area Network (LAN) or a Peer to Peer Network (PTP) you will benefit from our design services. Like any Engineering or Architectural project, a good design is absolutely necessary to ensure the proper implementation of a network.

Maine Total Technology will document your existing network. Do you know all of the answers when someone asks you about a server or workstation configuration on your network? You should. Maine Total Technology provides highly detailed and structured plans in electronic format for posting on your network or intranet. We can even attach the drawing of your network to a database to allow for problem tracking and work order generation for systems maintenance. We have developed our own software to assist us, and now you ,with keeping track of your network.

Local Area Networks
Maine Total Technology designs, installs, and maintains networks for organizations with between 2 and 150 employees. We provide a full range of network products and services based on the most common Network Operating Systems.

Wide Area Network
Maine Total Technology provides WAN configurations and will facilitate the process of getting a WAN installed. We currently have a multitude of clients operating on Maine Total Technology designed WAN's utilizing transports such as leased lines, T1, Frame Relay and Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

Internet Connectivity
Efficient use of information is about sharing. We enable everyone in your office to have access to the information resources of Internet; all users, all the time. We can design install and configure internet connectivity for your organization, delivering internet browsing to every, or selected workstations on your network. We can get you connected.

Email Systems
Email is the primary communication tool in a fast paced world. We make it easy, whether you are communication within the office or across the world. Maine Total Technology has designed and installed a multitude of email systems for various businesses. From POP mail collection to fully functioning email domain servers, we have the solution to suit your business.

Remote Access
Technology is supposed to make your life easier. Remote access allows your technology to follow you; work from a remote office or from home, check your email from wherever your business travel takes you. We can provide you with remote access to your network and/or email via the internet. Now from anywhere in the world, you can be on top of what is happening back at your office.

We provide a wide range of security options for your network and can design the security to fit your needs and budget.

Support Services
New developments in IT systems are the key to future success. The ability to adapt, exploit, and maintain technology for your business needs is constrained by the ability to acquire, train, and retain qualified people. Many of our clients are realizing that because of the ever-changing technology market, skill-sets necessary to implement technology solutions last year are different than the skill-sets needed this year. As a result, IT personnel in the job market today are typically either overqualified or under qualified for the technology projects at hand. Very soon, the cost to retain over-qualified, under-utilized people, or retrain under-qualified people, exceeds the cost necessary to keep up with new technology. Maine Total Technology proposes to solve this problem by providing on-site, highly-skilled technicians and engineers to execute new technology projects and to consistently manage your IT system, allowing you to focus on your own core business.

Preferred Client Support Contracts
We offer Support Agreements, which vary depending on your needs. Please call us and let us define a support structure that will best suit your needs. Once you have a support Agreement, you become a "Preferred Client" This entitles you to your very own Support team. This team will be responsible for overall system performance and reliability, as well as for planning future IT projects. Your Support Team will have ultimate responsibility for the IT system. It is their job to ensure that the IT system is functioning properly and that any interruptions in service are resolved in a timely manner. They are also responsible for day-to-day administration of the network, as follows:

You will also have available to you, priority support numbers for ALL of your technicians, which will allow you to have immediate access to them!

We also have the ability to provide remote support when applicable. Maine Total Technology uses a state of the art system which connects you to your technician instantly at your request. No additional monthly charges, or third parties are involved in your remote support sessions.